Sunday, 4 August 2013

Miu Miu Retrospective

This is a kind of random post, but I was scrolling through and saw that Dazed & Confused had devoted an editorial to a retrospective look at Miu Miu (the sister brand to Prada, started by Miuccia Prada in 1993). This editorial particularly struck my interest because Miu Miu was one of the first "high fashion" labels I ever knew and payed attention too. I remember when i was 14 (I think), I stole an issue of Australian Vogue from my mother's work place. It had Abbey Lee Kershaw on the cover and plastered all throughout the pages were images of Miu Miu's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It was a key that unlocked a new part of my imagination, the prints, the embellishments, everything. It was that lightbulb moment for me, It was the first time I really felt interested in something, I wanted to know more, I wanted to see more, I had a visual hunger. It was my gateway drug into fashion. Miu Miu has, since then, always captured my attention. Another Miu Miu moment that has been burnt into my memory, is that of the Fall/Winter 2010 campaign, which starred Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld. Growing up where I did, I had never seen girls like that, well maybe I had, but this campaign single handedly managed to alter my perspective. They were no longer "ugly" (as I would've bluntly put it), but beautiful, stunning, ethereal. I still find it quite amazing that a few images managed to completely change the way I see things. Im grateful everyday that I stole that copy of Vogue. Perhaps I wouldn't be who I was without that exposure, regardless of how sinful it was.

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